The Look of Love

Many people love the color red.  It's not a horrible color by any stretch--after all, it's the central shade of many holidays and pedicures.  Red is not the color for me...with one exception.
Red hair. 

It's even listed in my profile with dogs and chocolate.  Dogs and chocolate people, that's how you know I'm serious.  I love R's red hair; it's in a dead heat with his blue eyes (blue--now that's a color!).  So, in recognition of the impending St. Valentine's holiday, I present my sweetie's scarf-to-be:

I've been working on it like crazy so I can gift it next time we're together...only 2 weeks away!  I'm so excited I can't stand it!

The pattern details can be found here and my Ravelry project page is here.  The yarn is a wool/acrylic blend in a really unique red.  In some lights it appears almost a wine-like, but the sun belies its orangey-red tones.  Very interesting to observe the shade changes.  The pattern works up fast on size 10 needles (well, fast for a slow knitter like me) and it's going to look great after a bath and blocking.

And it will look even better on my beloved valentine!

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