For the Love of Instant Gratification

The other day I was thinking about how much I love taking photos, and how I often miss traipsing around with multiple rolls of film in my pockets out "in the field."  I've been eyeballing the Fuji Instax 25 lately, and thinking of all the fun I would have creating instant credit card-sized memories.  I can just imagine the crazy images that would result from hanging out with the dogs or on a trip with my beloved--what a fun miniature album that would make!  Anyhoo...I was digging around in the craft room and re-discovered a hidden garage sale find...

TA DA! Hello you sassy 635CL Cupercolor, complete with other people's polaroids!
taste the rainbow
the original rubber band?
sadly, the film
packs were expired

Luckily, I also found my old iZone!  And two or three sticker film cartridges!  This is going to be a fun weekend with the pups...hopefully things will "develop" nicely.  I love puns, they're the greatest. 

I'm gonna be in the zone...oh yeah.
I'm a dork, I don't deny it.  Admit it--it's an awesome thing.

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