Ain't Technology Great?

So the title contains a really poor contraction--but that's okay because I'm typing it on my brand new laptop!  I've been needing one for a loooong time, as my other one is 6 years old and moves at the speed of a creature from bygone ages.  My beloved recognized this dire need and helped me pick one suitable to my usage as a verrry early birthday present; he is the greatest sweetie ever!

My new buddy arrived on Friday and I spent most of yesterday setting it up, running updates, and getting to know my way around.  Cue music from 2001: A Space Odyssey...

oh my, aren't you a sassy thing?
Yesterday I did some incredibly menial house chores before settling into an afternoon of knitting, football, and movies.  Add in my sweet new lappy and that's a combination for fun!  Here's the cozy I'm working on for my grandfather, mentioned in Saturday's post.

aww, making friends already
I actually finished the cozy late that afternoon, and promptly soaked and blocked it.  Once I have the buttons sewn on and it's ready for its close-up I'll be sure to share.  I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend as well!

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