Caffeine Anyone?

I'm a big fan of coffee and tea; I especially love the warmth spreading through my fingertips on a chilly day.  Except, however, when the mug is so hot it scorches my fingertips.  Enter the mug cozy, the savior of sensitive digits!

I've made a couple that fit around Starbucks cups for my friends, and the Patty for my own mug, but this time I need one for a birthday gift.  My grandfather's birthday is one week from today, and boy is he a tough gift customer!  He'd probably just as soon not get any gifts, but I feel like he needs "something."  He's a big coffee drinker--not a 10-cup a day kind of fellow--but he enjoys his morning java.  I found this pattern from Chronicle Books and have decided that he will have a cozy whether he wants one or not!

I'm try really hard to stashbust this year, so I'm using leftovers of a beautiful blue-green Berroco Peruvia yarn and size 9 Knit Lite needles.  These needles are pretty fun, and sure do make it easier to knit in the dark!
blue w/flecks of green

it's always yarn-thirty around here

Isn't it amazing the difference between bright indirect light and late afternoon outdoor light?  Colors take on a totally different depth, or in some cases even seem to flatten.  Special thanks to Anna for posting a great tutorial on how to make photos pop, and for being my first official Google Connect follower!  Once I get a new version of Photoshop I'll really be cooking with gas.

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