Project 52 - Offering# 3 - Puppy Love

Since I missed posting part deux of my Project 53 offering, I'll skip straight to #3.  Let's just say I'm in love my with babies:

Gessel, my angel, the best-haved of all my kiddos.

Penelope, who thinks she is Amish and is therefore quite difficult to photograph.

George, truly a curious little monkey, also known as Pigpen.

Dozer, my newest tiny son, and a tremendously good snuggler.  He will give his siblings a run for their cute money once we're all together in Des Moines!

Ah, the unconditional love of these children never ceases to humble or amaze me.  It is my joy to be their mom, and to follow them in the endless pursuit of the world's greatest scent.

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