The Joys of Seven

Today my niece K turned seven.  I remember the day she was born, and how incredibly honored I felt when my sister asked me to be there for her birth.  I remember how she looked just like a gloworm when she was born, and boy did I get in trouble for calling her that so often!  I spent time with her everyday for nearly the first year of her life; she knew my voice just as well as her momma's, and she was my little snugglebug.

Today she lost a tooth at school, what a great birthday surprise!
Seven & toothless!
K & me


My grandmother had mentioned a while back that K often wore a scarf I'd made for her a few years ago, in spite of it being too small.  So, I decided it was time for a grown-up scarf that would complement my niece's pretty blue eyes and would also be long would also be long enough for her to grow into it.  I made Susan B. Anderson's Scrunch Scarf, though I worked it with 3 strands of worsted yarn held together, which tended to stretch out the candy pieces.
new scarf joy!
However, her excitement was evident when she opened her gift and she immediately threw it around her neck.  I love to see joy like that in a child's face.  

all smiles
Happy Birthday my little gloworm, you'll always be my best girl.

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