Holy Fuschia Batman!

Have you ever seen a yarn that simply said "I belong to this pattern, please buy me"?  No?  Well let me tell you, I have.  More than once actually, but that's besides the point.  The yarn I'm referring to in this case was a beautiful multi-colored bamboo cotton by Great Adirondack Yarn Co and it was instantly destined to become my My So Called Scarf.

And it did...oh yes, it did.

so pretty, so colorful
But what happened next was not cool.  I soaked my lovely completed scarf so I could block it and then gleefully wrap it around my neck for the world to see.  And then came the un-coolness:

sink stained, my hands were *bright* pink

2 of 4 holes throughout the scarf
I spent a good half-hour trying to rinse all the magenta dye from the yarn, which was all for nought as I discovered the holes in the fabric after I laid it out on the towel.  Thank goodness I used an old one, as it was bright pink the next day!  Talk about disappointing though...all that hard work going straight into the trash.
However, from a glass half-full perspective I learned not to buy this yarn again and that I really loved the pattern!  I will have to look for another yarn that begs to be made into that scarf once more.

P.S.  All apologies for missing last week's Project 52 photo posting--hopefully today's post made up for it a little.  My beloved came to visit for the long weekend and it was so lovely to just spend time curled up watching movies and enjoying each other's company!  People who live together sometimes (I think) take for granted how special all the "little moments" are...I relished every single one this weekend.  Even going to the grocery store in the cold drizzle was special to me! 

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