I'm Michelle, mom to two westies and a bagle (a beagle-basset mix), who are an endless source of love and entertainment.  By day I work in the glamorous field of insurance, but at night I let my craft flag fly!  I'm also a trying to forge a path to inner peace and life balance through the practice of Kundalini yoga.

I enjoy many types of crafty/artistic goodness:  knitting, photography, and sewing to name a few!  I suppose that's where the meandering part comes in...I tend to wander in and out of my many interests, focusing on whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. 

So, a few fun facts about me:  I love to make lists, prefer cookies to cake, and have had an odd fascination with gnomes for years.  And a new one--I'm engaged to be married (caught me off guard for sure)!

 My munchkins: