Baby, it's Cold Outside (Week 5 of Project 52)

Remember that old song by Dean Martin?  Oh, I can hear Dino crooning in that creamy voice right now...and boy is it appropriate for this deep South-Texas freeze!

Here we have to wrap the exterior pipes and leave them dripping so they don't freeze and burst.  I hadn't checked on them for a couple of days, and I found homemade ice sculptures awaiting my return.  In the interest of not boring you to death with a gazillion photos of basically frozen water and leaves I made you a collage.  I get to satisfy the need to share my tiny patches of frozen tundra without making you scroll forever just to see them all.  Win-win in my opinion!

Of course, somebody finally decided to mug for the camera.  It was weird--kind of like Groundhog Day, but for gnomes.  Hmm.  That McGregor, he's such an odd fellow.  I would not be surprised if he starts popping up periodically.

sneaky little gnome

Two things I know today:  First, there is snow in the forecast.  Real, legitimate belief that it might snow here for the first time since January of 1985!  That tiny little frost in '04 doesn't count.  Second, I can't think of a better reason to hunker down and continue knitting.

Stay warm and safe everyone.

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