No Mocking Allowed

So this year I decided to work on completing my UFOs before getting all crazy starting new projects.  Wellll, sort of.  I'm only allowing myself to start something new if it's a gift for someone else, which also allows me to work on my self-imposed stashbusting guidelines.  I also made a personal commitment to de-stash, though I am allowed to buy new yarn if it's truly imperative to completing a gift.  I think that's fairly reasonable, and I know all the crafters of the world totally get what I'm saying!

I do have to say though, I was really (REALLY) good about using existing stash this last Christmas season.  I didn't buy anything new, but rather used approximately 10 skeins of yarn.  That's a lot for me to part with in one shot, especially when it's just so pretty to look at!  However, I was so pleased with how everything turned out and all of the recipients truly appreciated their gifts.  For me that's what makes all the crafting worthwhile--knowing that the items are going to folks who understand the time and love that went into the FO.

Anyway, I've currently got Pulverde's Mock Brioche, Mock the Cold! in Berocco Peruvia on the needles.  I keep hearing other bloggers talk about the need to crank out something for themselves after all the holiday knitting, and I can identify.  Finishing this WIP will not only keep to my commitment to finish things off, but will also allow room for a little selfish knitting.  I feel somewhat like the holidays aren't quite over, as I did a few post-Christmas gifts, knit two items for upcoming birthdays, started a little something based on a random comment, and still have a third January gift to go.  I'll be thrilled when I can complete this sassy little neckwarmer and have something to go with all the black I wear to the office!

And then I can indulge my start-itis...pray it doesn't become a full-fledged infection!  Because let's face it, there's a lot of yarn out in the world and way too many favorites piling up over at Ravelry.  Way too many.

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