Charles in Charge

Today is my grandfather's birthday--time to gift that coffee cup cozy I mentioned earlier in the week!  At first I was disappointed by the poor button selection at my local fabric store--I mean it looked like the locust has been through there.  I wandered around dejectedly before stumbling across these little gems:

They were perfect for my history-loving grandfather!  He's a big American history buff, and I just couldn't resist using them to finish off this project.  The original pattern called for threading ribbon through the eyelets...just a touch too feminine for this sailor.

I chose the blue yarn because my grandfather was in the Navy many moons ago, so between the buttons and the color, this item was made with the one and only Tex in mind.  Haha, I think I'm the only one who can get away with calling him by his old naval nickname!

On to the big reveal...I would say my grandfather liked his gift pretty well.  Again, he's not too easily bowled over by most things, but he immediately commented on the buttons, and passed the cozy to my grandmother for inspection.  He also gave it a good stretch and seemed pleased with the cozy's potential to fit a good-sized mug.  I will take that as proof positive of another trimuphant gifting indeed.  Three big birthday cheers for Tex!

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