Hello Moon

Today I heard the most interesting comments from co-workers.  The first person said that she'd been having the strangest things popping up all week and she just knew it must've been due to the full moon.  I had to laugh because when I worked in sales I always thought customers acted so strange during the same time frame!  The next was something I overheard, which was that an entirely new zodiac sign had been created, something about the earth's rotation.  You know I had to pop into that convo--it's right up my random thought alley.

Both discussions cracked me up internally, because my ruling zodiac "body" is the moon, and because when I was a kid I was fascinated with that beautiful bulbous being (I wanted to be an astronaut).  Sometimes I make the oddest mental connections!  Anyway, all the lunar chatter reminded me of a shot I took on the way to work.

It's a pretty poor cell phone pic, but hey I work with what I've got.  Maybe I should've captioned it "good night, moon" since technically the moon is retiring for the day!  The reverse could also be true for the dusk photo below...Instead I will consider the captions as being more from the salutation perspective. ;)
good morning, moon
This is a nice bookend to my morning shot I do believe.  I love photos of trees, the silhouette of one can evoke so much when captured well.  I think my fascination with nature as art must be my inner Ansel Adams trying to break out.  Or too much time spent working at The Nature Company.
good night, moon
I've been playing with my camera quite a bit more as of late, trying regain my photographic sea legs.  After all, I want to keep my readers coming back for more.  And I want to create photos that really *pop* when I'm ready to sell my crafty wares online. 

So along with moon-watching, I plan to get some knitting done this weekend.  This week seems like it's been busier than the norm, and I'm ready to feel some wool along the needles.  I'll be back with pattern info and progress photos soon. 

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  1. Michelle, thanks for stopping by! Congrats on starting a new blog! I am honored to be your first follower:)
    Keep up the photography! Its so much fun!