Project 52: Week 6

With the impending holiday of looove, I have been feeling a little giddier than usual.  This is a new sensation for me as I've never been a big fan of VD (yeah that's what I call it lol), though I do really love all the brightly colored chocolates!  I think I'm just so excited about seeing R in a few days that I've got hearts and romance on the brain.  It's certainly more enjoyable than the fever its been experiencing all this week.  I don't even care that I'm seeing him courtesy of a work thing, I'm just happy to see him at all.

But anyway, on to the hearts...

so pink, so girly
Look at Ralph rockin' those hearts--I think he's just a little mortified.

I went with a nice, sturdy cotton yarn in pink.  This was partly due to my 2011 stash-busting commitment, but I also have to be careful about wearing anything with a high wool content on my neck.  Color me itchy otherwise...Now, I am not a huge lover of pink but I even I have to admit it looks good on me (I know, so vain right?).  But I do plan on wearing it so I figured it'd better be in a shade I somewhat prefer.  And since we all know how I feel about red, I opted for the other ordained color of the holiday.

The pattern is "Love Rocks!" from Vickie Howell, who used to host an awesome show called Knitty Gritty that I watched all the time before I went to internet streaming.  And, and, AND I had to crochet for this pattern too!  Well, sort of.  The only the required crocheting was the chain that connects all the hearts, but it still required a hook so it COUNTS!  The funny part is, I think I spent nearly as much time chaining as I did knitting the hearts (see Ravelry project page for details).  I really am that crochet-challenged--just reading the abbreviations makes my head hurt.  However, I had so much fun making these tiny hearts that I might have to make some giant-sized versions to use as decorations next year.  Or maybe a heart garland for the mantle...oh the possibilities are endless!

Well, I am off to obsess over my trip list (oh, I love a good list!).  I am still trying to figure out how much V-day junk and yarn I can fit into a carry-on.  I can get toiletries and clothes anywhere, but I can't just walk in off the street and buy skein of alpaca anywhere.  A girl has to have priorities.

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