Fingerless but not Flightless

Wow, I feel like I've been away forever!  In all reality I was on a business trip, so the early part of last week was spent packing (see insane list-making) for my visit to a very crisp Columbus, OH.  The weather was about 40 degrees lower there than here in TX, but I thoroughly enjoyed bundling up in my oh-so-soft alpaca scarf.  All the compulsive preparations kept me from posting some of my recent FOs. 

The weekend before my trip I completed some fingerless mittens as a V-Day gift for my mom, using the Mindless Mitts pattern from Ravelry (link is to my project page).  My only alteration to the pattern was to seam the mitts with the garter ridges moving horizontally, as opposed to vertically like the pattern indicates.  Doing so allowed me to show off the great striping effect of the yarn.

I think they turned out pretty nice and my mom was pleasantly surprised.  She's always freezing at the office, so hopefully these will allow her to work and stay warm at the same time!

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