I cannot believe how excited I am that it's Friday.

So last night I decided to fall asleep listening to the soundtrack for yesterday's highlight of the day.  I passed out hardcore with my laptop next to me.  I barely remember the man removing it from my side before going to bed.  He is also a workaholic and was on the phone til about midnight.

I guess the holding back of tears last night meant it was going to be an awkward morning.  It started off alright--tried to get amped up with Pearl Jam's Rearviewmirror.  Thought process was a little anger would help get the blood flowing, the adrenaline pumping, and I'd be ready to fight any battle.

I stopped for coffee (thankfully in and out in less than five) and as soon as I hopped back in the car PJ's Just Breathe came on.  I bawled the whole way to work and in the parking lot at work until it was over.  Good thing it was so early so I could take care of business under the cover of semi-darkness.  I have been in such a foul mood lately and thinking how terrible it would be if nobody knew how much I cared about them if I died.  Tears or no tears I had to exit the vehicle after Oceans started.  Too much.

The rest of the day was a nightmarish blur.  Never ate, rarely sat.  Terrible.  I kept thinking I was covering for myself okay, but today I got a lot of questions asking how I was feeling, clearly an epic fail on my part.  The final straw in my day was when I sort of bent in half while talking with some of the office peeps.  It was uncontrollable--the pain in my abdomen was in charge in that moment.  Shortly after I told my boss it was time to peace out.  In spite of my best intentions I did not make it out in time for my 4pm appointment, but luckily my doctor had late hours today and I barely made it in time for a 530pm treatment after close to an hour's drive.  *Le sigh*

But the rush hour traffic gave me time to jam--Pearl Jam that is.  My still kinda new ride came with 3 months of XM and I have been exploiting the hell out of it.  This afternoon's momentous tune was Breath.  "All these reaching hands out, grabbin things, grabbin me...Oh, if I knew where it was I would take you there...There's much more than this."

At least I'm at home now--chillin with the old man and our boy Dee.  I didn't know he was coming but it didn't stop me from putting on fluffy pajama pants.  We cranked up some Black Keys (stoked for April), baked some pizzas, and I sat down with a glass of wine.  Ate two pieces of "cheese only please" pizza, killed a bottle of Sister's Creek Muscat Canelli and moved onto a Reisling, and am currently re-watching the uncensored Comedy Central roast of Bob Saget (hey it's been a rough week and I'm down with base-level humor).

Hooray for the weekend!  Finally a chance to stay in bed where I belong!  Maybe I'll get some knitting done--I'm way behind schedule on the craft itinerary.

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