Sleepy Sunday

Never really made it out of bed after that last post.  I spent about an hour last Sunday making necklaces for my mom, sis, friends, and aunt for Valentine's day.  Similar to the Dogeared wish necklaces, but with a Michelle twist.  I had to get some help with the delivery since I can't drive right now, but they were a big hit, so that made me really happy.

It was a fairly horrific week last week.  The pain progressed so rapidly that I could not stand or walk by myself.  It is terrible feeling like an invalid and being incapable of caring for myself.  I think I can understand why my dad went through such a horrible period of depression after his stroke.  Obviously I'm nowhere close to his state, but I have his stubbornly independent personality, and this past week has been unbearable.  Like the giant dork that I am, I've spent just as much time crying from the pain as I did from the frustration of being incapacitated.

An MRI on Wednesday revealed a large herniated disc, so at least the culprit has been identified and my working from home is for a "valid" issue.  I would've been seriously ticked if the results had been inconclusive.  For now I'm on a special combination of painkillers, anti-inflammatory pills, and muscle relaxers until I can get further treatment.  There are a half-dozen other things wrong with my back but this one is the doozie.  I am hopeful that the epidural steroid injections I'm scheduled to receive will do the trick, or else I'm in for another round of surgery.  And there would be no working from home and that is not acceptable to me.  Even though my projects are crazy right now, they're still the only thing keeping me sane while I'm flat on my back.

The worst part is I have not been able to do much related to my wedding scheduled for the near future.  It is supposed to be out-of-state and I've already paid for the hotel, venue, photographer, etc, but at this point I don't even know if I can travel.  I have so many other things I need to do: finish my bouquet, paint my TOMS, knit accessories, and buy everything I want to take on the trip.  Hell, I haven't even been to a final fitting with the seamstress!  I need to be mobile to accomplish those tasks, so these damn shots better work.  Honestly, I'm so annoyed with bleeding money from all the medical stuff that I don't even feel like paying for more wedding stuff.  I should be really happy and excited, but instead I'm calculating how much money I'll be out if I cancel the wedding altogether.  At this point I'm kind of over the whole thing.

And instead I'm looking forward to the big and little hands telling me it's time for another round of meds.  Blech.  Here's hoping 8am tomorrow brings something good.


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