A Noble Boy

I cast on this cowl December 30th, knocked out two pattern repeats lickety-split, and then set it down.  Too much activity since then...yoga, getting my house ready for a renter, and lots of craft experiments.  Remind me to tell you about my foray into painting later (not the house kind, I'm not allowed). 

Last night we had a five-hour storm and poor freaked out Georgie-baby kept me up all night.  This morning an overturned 18 wheeler gifted me the most excruciating drive in, so I opted out of yoga after work.  Instead I decided to do a little more cleaning at my house before hobbling home--a crappy exchange if you ask me, but oh well.

I parked it on the sofa with Gessel in a quasi-comfy position and busted out some knitting.  Little prince that he is, the boy refused to scooch over, so I forced him to model my WIP.

I am waaaay too handsome for this.
                                                 What the H mom?
Gosh you are weird.

I'm using soft and yummy Berocco Vintage DK in a dusty, heathery blue color.  I picked it up at Hill Country Weavers on a recent jaunt to Austin.  Check out my Ravelry project page for updates and FO pics!

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