Life's a Bowlful of...

Cherry M&Ms!

Holy smokes, these are the poster children of all that is Valentine candy deliciousness.  What the H Mars Corp?  My head is just peeking out of the medical woods and I really should not be eating these.  But I did--thirteen to be exact.  And I ate them with pretzels (two per salty twist)....oh my mouth it watering all over again. 

Unfortunately, I felt pretty crappy afterwards.  Like I could see the nurse tsk tsk-ing me in my mind's eye.  Ugh, how terrible it is to know one's personal limitations.  So grown-up.  Gross.

But look at how pretty they are:
Eat us, we're so tasty!

It's okay, they were worth the brief bout of tummy twirls.  I rewarded myself for surviving the m&m fever with some flavorful green beans and an hour of yoga.

Speaking of yoga...that's something else I survived today.  I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago and I am convinced it didn't get worse because I've been practicing daily yoga.  This last weekend was too much though, and I have been in excruciating pain for 3 days.  Guess the accident in my car Friday night didn't help either.  I didn't even go to class over the weekend!  But after standing most of the day at work (with my monitors tilted back like a super-nerd) I decided to brave it. 

I'm pretty sure I sounded like someone stepped on a puppy a few times, but I made it.  The last movement involved from transitioning out of cobra into triangle in one fluid motion.  In this condition I wouldn't say I resembled anything fluid or graceful, but I definitely breathed through the pain.  I guess now I understand why lamaze works for pregnant ladies!

A visual:

Cobra - Yogajournal.com
Triangle - pinklotus.com

I still felt really good and centered after class though, so even if I can't walk in the morning my chakras are in good shape.  Here's hoping tomorrow is an even better day than today!

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