Something Spectacular

No, it wasn't the third round of epidural shots.  They stunk hardcore and I'm still waiting for them to make the pain stop.  Can't wait to see how my follow-up visit goes in a few weeks and really hoping the doc has an ace up his sleeve.  In the meantime, I'm researching other non-invasive solutions.  Might as well as long as I'm hanging out in bed watching The Vampire Diaries (gross I know).

No, it wasn't the handful of washcloths I completed this weekend, though it was nice to see signs of knitting life in my hands again.  I am plotting for Mother's Day.  Should be colorful and sweet-smelling.  Perhaps photos to come one day.

It was almost this:  Instagram is taking sign-ups for Android users to be notified when the app comes out.  This maybe would've won out had my sign-up had gone through. 

It is this:  A gnome wearing a lab coat, courtesy of The Gnome Experiment!  TA-DA!  One of those rare instances where scientific endeavors produce pure magic.  I signed up to help him weigh-in, so hopefully I will end up on his travel itinerary.  Fingers crossed!

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